This song is the perfect embodiment of the Cassowary. Transferring a physical creature into audio. If you would hook up a set of speakers to his body, this song is what you’ll hear.

Fusion Egg
This song refers tot he magical green egg that this bird lays. Hence the shape of our album. Once the egg has been delivered, the female decides not to take part in any aspect of the breeding and upbringing process of the chick. So the man stands alone in this task. A true form of emancipation as far as we’re concerned.

Mating Call
The moment of finding a partner. Making the right seductive moves to get fulfilled in his desires, is a complex process that doesn’t come easy. Just as this song, it’s complex with occasional euphoric moments.

Ostrich from Hell
An honor to his forever badly tempered state of mind, he is never satisfied and always finds a critical note to the way things are going.

Imagine: Our feathered friend behind the computer, commencing the download and installation process of a (in his eyes) very important software update. Maneuvering in the world of downloading, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up with an illegal version of the update that you were looking for. As so in this case. Will this adventure come to a good end?

Very Emotional Ballad
Everyone has these days were things aren’t going the way you want them to go. Emotional moments and frequent sensations of wanting to cry are piling up. All you’d ever want is a bar of chocolate and a sensitive movie to watch. Crawling on the couch with a napkin and your self pity. As does Cassowary. To support this phenomenon, here is “Very emotional ballad”.

Sativa Mangrovia
Relaxation is an important part of life. Besides always going to the max, being eternally perfectionistic and demanding only the highest of yourself, there must also be room for a good way to let all the stress flow away. The ideal settings according to our friend: Mangrove forest and a decent local herb to take the edge off.

One Knight Stand
Our Cassowary lives a noble solitary live. Eternally badly tempered is the way he goes about, annoyed by every little branch on the ground distracting him from his walk of triumph. Full of himself and difficult. Our dandy’s relationship status also suffers from these character traits. So it’s basically impossible to maintain one. All of the above result in a shattered love life existing solely out of one night stands.

Thoroughly Insufficient
With the before mentioned characterizations, traffic can be a challenge: Being patient, generous and staying decent. All of this is to much to ask of Cassowary. His driving behavior consists out of shouting, honking, driving to close to the next car, and last but definitely not least intimidation. Especially the last one happens to be quite frequent. It seems that these behaviors and there insufficient results have not yet opened his eyes to reason. 

Hey Buddy!
Often in Australia (and other English speaking countries) people greet each other with the phrase “Hey buddy!” Our strong feeling, although the evidence is lacking, is that Cassowary in the wild use the same phrase to say hi to one another.